About Us

 CTYFC understands the need for more workers entering the farming profession. Increasing the number of young farmers in Texas will be instrumental in increasing food security and awareness, curbing carbon emissions, and building a stronger relationship between local food and local economies. By banding together and supporting one another, we can help create a positive environment for young farmers to network, exchange ideas, and become better farmers.


of U.S. farmers aged 35 or younger


of American farmland owned by non-operators


of American farmers who are white

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Mission and Vision 

Central Texas Young Farmers Coalition envisions a collaborative and diverse farming community through    which young and beginning farmers make a living as a key component in agricultural production and ecological stewardship.

CTYFC has a mission to support young and beginning farmers in Central Texas through education, connection and advocacy.

Meet the Team

Carolina Mueller

Chapter President

Middle Ground Farm 

Matt Simon

New Leaf Agriculture

Amy Gallo

Ali Stone