The nomination form is open now! Throw your hat in the ring. Applications are due by January 31st, 2024.

CTYFC is seeking new leadership members! We will have open nominations from November 2023 – January 2024. We’re currently seeking individuals in the Central Texas farming and agriculture community who are passionate about leading directives and projects related to land access, grassroots and base-building, food safety, or any strategic topics relevant to beginning farmers in Texas.

If you have ideas about how you want to see this coalition grow and evolve, consider attending one of our upcoming information sessions – these are informal sessions where you can pop in with questions for leadership and listen to some of the details and expectations of running a chapter.

General Expectations

Here are a few of our expectations for anyone who sits in a leadership position: 

  1. The purpose of leadership members is to organize and govern the activities of CTYFC.
  2. Excluding workshops or social events, chapter leadership will be expected to meet twice a month. Group majority/consensus will decide if more meetings are necessary for any given month. 
  3. Ideally, leadership members commit a minimum of 15 hours a month to the respective tasks of their role. 
  4. Any member that joins CTYFC has a dedication to racial equity and accountability inside and outside of their duties to CTYFC.
  5. Chapter leadership members are never required to be actively farming in order to join CTYFC leadership.
  6. Chapter members will respect the thoughts and desires of fellow members and offer constructive and relevant criticism when necessary

Chapter Redesign 2022

As of late 2022, there was a chapter redesign and strategy to help create a cohesive focus across chapters. Each NYFC Chapter was encouraged to choose a specific theme ranging from Land Access, Climate Change, Racial Justice, Farmer Mental Health, USDA Accountability and more. Doing so allows for both flexibility and structure, and the opportunity for chapters across the US to connect based on their general theme.

CTYFC Specifically focuses on Land Access as its chapter focus, but this can change depending on new chapter leader agreements in 2024.

See how other Young Farmer Chapters choose to organize their leadership team here:
The Flatirons Chapter’s org structure
Here are the descriptions Northern Illinois Chapter is using
And here is a position that the Northern Illinois Chapter is stewarding

Roles and Duties

The following descriptions are areas where members have focused their priorities in the past. In no way do these exact positions need to carry on year to year, instead, each new cohort can decide what is best suited for the chapter. These are examples and guiding examples of what can take place and how responsibilities are split up:

CTYFC Director 

  • Helps guide the direction of the Central Texas Young Farmers Coalition in a way that incorporates leadership and community feedback into the vision and goals,
  • Regularly checks and responds to all coalition emails
  • Attends quarterly meetings with the National Young Farmers Coalition team 
  • Organizes and facilitates monthly leadership team meetings and helps delegate roles, tasks, and agendas for the month.
  • Focuses on community building with other farming organizations to support the young and beginning farming community
  • Represents the CTYFC leadership team for any press, online campaigns, or operational support and other meetings
  • Supports the leadership team with any unspecified tasks 

Outreach and Events 

  • Maintains the coalition calendar and event dates
  • Assists with event planning, including reaching out to potential speakers and inviting food/farm organizations to attend 
  • Takes pictures at events or conferences
  • Works with social media coordinator on posts for upcoming events
  • Attends bi-weekly meetings and monthly events
  • Supports other leadership members and coalition-wide projects when & where needed

Communications Coordinator 

  • Posts Regularly on social media
  • Updates the CTYFC website monthly with news, updates, photos, or events
  • Takes information and notes from leadership meetings and decides what should be shared with the community
  • Maintains and monitors listserv emails and newsletters
  • Assists in event planning and coordinates event invites/posts on social platforms
  • Attends bi-weekly and special planning meetings and assists in other leadership tasks as needed

Development & Accountability

  • Leads coalition grant and fundraising efforts
  • Assists with event planning, including securing and coordinating donations
  • Works with Treasurer to ensure grants and donations are effectively tracked
  • Oversees surveys and other evaluation measures for the coalition, with a focus on equitable processes and community voice
  • Responsible for taking notes and summarizing action items in leadership meetings
  • Supports other leadership members and coalition-wide projects when & where needed