Why donate? These donations go a long way in helping us sustain our mission and host collective events. Your contribution will help us with things like annual fees for maintaining our website, planning and hosting events, and offering fair payment for local experts to share knowledge with our cohort.

Conference Scholarship 2023

CTYFC is a grassroots, volunteer-led chapter composed of farmers and advocates throughout the greater Central Texas area. As a team, we donate our time to build connections, share resources, and shape policies that benefit small and beginning farmers.

If you have been in the agricultural and food community, you know the importance of exposing new folks to gatherings like this, or meetings and conventions. You also know that Conference fees are expensive! Aside from taking time away from the fields, registration fees can exceed $200+, which can burden beginning farmers. These events are critical for networking and exposing growers to new and expansive topics.

For 2023, we’ve set an ambitious goal to send 3-4 young farmers to local conferences. In order to do this, we are seeking to raise $1,200 to cover registration and lodging fees! We want to make our work accessible to all and give folks in our community the opportunity to have the same access as other food systems practitioners. Your generosity can help us achieve that.