Get Involved

Want to get involved? There are a number of ways to get involved and stay informed:

CTYFC Listserv

Email us at

with the word ‘Join’ in the subject (nothing in the body of the e-mail necessary). You’ll then be sent instructions on how to make the most of being on the TXYFC Listserv. Stay informed on what other members are doing, or post opportunities, resources, and questions that might be of interest to other CTYFC members.

Join a Committee

Events: Responsible for coordinating fundraisers, hang out events, potlucks, etc.

Committee Chair: Carolina Mueller.

Contact: carolina.k.mueller at gmail dot com

Communications: Coordinate and communicate with other Texas chapters. Includes managing website and social media. Promote CTYFC.

Committee Chair: Evan Driscoll

Contact: ewdriscoll at gmail dot com

Education: Organizes and initiates educational events for the chapter such as crop mobs, farm tours, workshops and any other great ideas to learn.

Committee Chair: Tyler Shean

Contact: tyler at sheans dot com

Policy: Advocate for policy that affects new and beginning farmers. Work closely with existing policy organizations on statewide and national level policy.

Committee Chair: Lorig Hawkins

Contact: lorigh at gmail dot com